Tips on creating the perfect breakfast area.

How to create the perfect breakfast area: 

☕️ Choose your location wisely- conventional breakfast nooks are close to the kitchen, but separate from the cooking area. They’re often in cosy corners or bay windows within the line of site of the food prep area.

☕️ Use windows to your advantage - no matter where your breakfast nook ends up, use your windows and natural light to your advantage. 

☕️ Rounded furniture can be the perfect fit- breakfast nooks take advantage of otherwise unused floor space. And small spaces, like reading, nooks, and breakfast, nooks, rounded furniture, can help with utility and allow you to get to all sides of the table.

☕️ Choose soothing colours- do you know someone who wakes up on the wrong side of the bed often or just can’t function until they have had a cup of coffee? Bride and soothing colours can help.

☕️ Get the most out of the space by adding storage solutions- breakfast area are the ideal, dual purpose room for dining and storage. 

Scroll through to see examples of beautiful breakfast areas to get inspiration ☕️.