"Inna is an exceptional agent ! She sold my house and I couldn’t be happier with her services. She not only helped me and made the sale of my home a stress free transaction but also helped me with staging and changing things in my house to make it more appealing for buyers. She was always responsive, professional, easy to work with and very responsible. I would highly recommend Inna" - DINA P

Intense Market Research

Intense market research and analysis on the correct and right listing price and how much they can really get.

Staging of the house to get it ready for the sale

Staging process can include free staging services (depends on terms & conditions) Or if I can I will do the staging myself by organizing to maximize the house to its best potential. I do go shopping myself and help with buying furniture / accessories. From my own experience with many houses I did and my own.

Professional Photography

Aerial view, drones, 3D layout, introduction video of the property and brochures. 

Personalized Support

Working personally on their MLS listing to make sure all info is correct and relevant.

Extensive marking on all social media platforms

MLS, realtor.ca, flyers, for sale signs, Youtube, personal and forest hill brokerage global database.

Open House

If rules and regulations allowed and if the seller and myself decided that it is a good idea.

Monitoring For New Listings

Monitoring the area to see if any other new listings came up so we are keeping up with the market.

Q&A From Potential Buyers

Making sure to be on top of showings, calls, emails, texts, messages about the property and answering any questions/ concerns from potential buyers.

Lock Boxes for Easy showings

Monitoring the area to see if any other new listings came up so we are keeping up with the market.

Maximizing profit

Negotiating, talking, explaining to my seller client and buyers everything about the current listing and maximizing what the seller can get.

satisifaction guarantee

Working with everyone (buyer side and seller side) to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied and once the offer is accepted following up to make sure everything is in order.

Inna Gold Knows How To Sell

Once an offer is accepted, deposit received I am there for both sides until the closing day and even after. I am attentive to everyone's needs and looking for the best deal for them.

Contact me today to discuss your needs as a seller. 

Sellers Consultation

Sellers Consultation